🎄🥂🎄Advent Wine Club🎄🥂🎄

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

🎄🥂🎄Wine List🎄🥂🎄

  1. Alambrado, Malbec
  2. Rauzan Despagne, White Bordeaux
  3. Dinastia Manzanos, Tempranillo
  4. Don Cayetano, Chardonnay
  5. Cabalié, Grenache/Syrah/Carignan Blend
  6. Visionario, White Blend
  7. Marichalar, Tempranillo/Garnacha
  8. Chateau Tour de Mirambeau, Bordeaux
  9. Saracosa, Cabernet/Merlot/Sangiovese Red Blend
  10. Los Hermanos Manzanos, Rosé
  11. Trimboli, Durif (Petite Sirah)
  12. Don Cayetano, Cabernet Sauvignon
  13. El Bombero, Grenache
  14. Chateau Tour de Mirambeau, White Bordeaux
  15. Lobo e Falcão, Syrah/Alicante Bouschet/Castelão Blend
  16. Los Hermanos Manzanos, Chardonnay
  17. Picco Attila, Merlot
  18. Rex Mundi, Shiraz/Grenache Blend
  19. Riversong, Sauvignon Blanc
  20. Corsiero, Nero di Troia
  21. Vina Baccana, Pinot Grigio
  22. Rauzan Despagne, Bordeaux
  23. La Cantera Cariñena, Red Blend
  24. Alessandro Gallici, Prosecco

🎄🥂🎄Tasting Notes🎄🥂🎄

Number Name Varietal Origin Notes
1 Alambrado Malbec Argentina
  • Dad: Nice red, a little dry.
  • Mom: Kind of light, slightly dry. No detectable strong finish. Suitable for dining or just social sharing.
  • John: Nice and smooth
  • Charley: Spicy, cherry, not too dry!!
2 Rauzan Despagne White Bordeaux France
  • Dad: Nice white Bordeaux, a little fruity. I looked up the chateau in France. It has a good reputation. This wine was a 2019. 2018 got the best reviews. Oh well.
  • Mom: Smooth, light, quite delightful. VG.
  • John: Hints of toast, grit of a hummus, rips back and sizzles
  • Charley: Very fruity and even sugary, like a bottle of cake frosting. Almost tastes like it's sparkling? Not my favorite, I don't think! Still drank it....
3 Dinastia Manzanos Tempranillo Spain
  • Dad: I don't think I have had this Rioja before. Ok for me, but kinda blah.
  • Mom: A little oak, somewhat dry, acidic finish. Probably good with a rare steak.
  • John: Dry, woody, not much else going on. Smooth but quite bland. Def not my fav.
  • Charley: A little blackberry, a lot of...non-pine tree bark? Maybe in a good way? Not as dry as I expected, and not as heavy either. The taste doesn't last. Perilously drinkable.
4 Don Cayetano Chardonnay Chile
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Fruity. Way too strong 😉
  • John: Light and crisp. Smells fruitier than it tastes, I think. Not too shabby.
  • Charley: I can't believe it's not melted butter: smooth, THICK. A little dry, not oaky. Very tasty! "Stronger than Rhine" (jk, Grammo joke)
5 Cabalié Grenache/Syrah/Carignan Blend France
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Nice rich color. Nothing remarkable in taste, but goes down nicely. If it's good enough for the Roman legions, it's good enough for me.
  • John: Not too dry, fruity finish, goes down (too!) easy. Packs a punch. I liked it.
  • Charley: Powerful aroma of fresh yeasty bread (YUM), mildly dry taste. A little thinner/weaker than I was expecting after the smell. Latin on the label has significant grammar errors -- B student overall.
6 Visionario White Blend Italy
  • Dad: Ok, kind of like a table wine. I like the White Bordeaux from a couple days ago much better.
  • Mom: Smooth, slightly sweet. Very drinkable. Nice table wine?
  • John: Smells like pears and apples. Tastes pretty bold for a white. Decent palate cleanser. Taste is just okay.
  • Charley: Juice aisle.
7 Marichalar Tempranillo/Garnacha Spain
  • Dad: I liked this Rioja, slightly dry, but not too dry. My favorite red so far. Maybe a kind of a berry flavor, not sure.
  • Mom: Light to medium body, tannins, can't quite figure out the taste. Not unpleasant, but what is it? Maybe I should've cleansed my palate.
  • John: Very tannin-y and bitter -- especially at first. Almost a cherry or cranberry finish. Not my fav.
  • Charley: A little dark chocolate aroma, pretty dry and a little more robust than the last tempranillo. Maybe even earthy in the finish? A pleasant surprise overall, would drink again!
8 Chateau Tour de Mirambeau Bordeaux France
  • Dad: I love red Bordeaux. Maybe it's a French thing. Grammo reminds me that I am 3/4 French.
  • Mom: Soft, not too dry, tastes of oak and fruit. Good enough to drink and enjoy.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Nice dark red color, like ~B L O O D~. I smell cranberries, with a nice full mouth feel. A little leathery, maybe, but not too dry. Solid, definitely would drink again.
9 Saracosa Cabernet/Merlot/Sangiovese Red Blend Italy
  • Dad: A little sweet, not dry. I liked it though. I don't think that I've had this brand before.
  • Mom: I liked it. Slightly sweet, few tannins, light to medium body. Pleasurable. Nice dinner or just drinking wine.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Almost nutty at first sniff? Like a cashew or something. It has the sweetness of a port or soemthing fermented, with just a little dryness in the aftertaste. Not bad, and not what I expected.
10 Los Hermanos Manzanos Rosé Spain
  • Dad: I'm not a fan of Rosé, 'nuff said.
  • Mom: Don't think that I like this one. The aftertaste is not pleasant. Initially not bad, a little tart and sweet, and then yuck.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Not much aroma, but a clean, almost grapefruity taste. A little dry finish. Very refreshing, but not the best to drink on a cold night like tonight. I'd save it for the beach.
11 Trimboli Black Duck Durif (Petite Sirah) Australia
  • Dad: (See tomorrow.)
  • Mom: Nice body, some tannins, a bit of berry taste...I like it.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Smells a little like blackberry, but not fruity in the taste. Full, rich, slightly dry finish. TASTY! Would definitely have a couple bottles with a long dinner with friends.
12 Don Cayetano Cabernet Sauvignon Chile
  • Dad: The last two, no better than red table wine in a middling restaurant, IMHO.
  • Mom: Kind of sharp when it first hits. But then smooth, not too tannin-y. Drinkable. MABby's fave variety.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Smells a little like...uh, meat? Hahaha. The mouth feel is thinner than I expected. Not too try. Kind of unremarkable taste, I think, but I'd use it to wash down dinner.
13 El Bombero Grenache Spain
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Tannins, a little musty at first but then not bad. Not a fave, just ok.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Smells kind of leathery, like a wallet. kind of a smoky taste (?), burns in the mouth like it's pretty boozy, and yup, it's 15%...!
14 Chateau Tour de Mirambeau White Bordeaux France
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Slightly sweet, slight citrus, smooth and pleasant.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Smells like a dry champagne, feels a little dry, too, but only in back of the throat. Very refreshing and drinkable. The sharing chair of wines.
15 Lobo e Falcão Syrah/Alicante Bouschet/Castelão Blend Portugal
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Tastes like wine. Maybe a little fruity. Not too dry. No discernable strong flavor of .............. Drinkable.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Very, very chocolaty smell. Mmm.... The taste isn't sweet, though: pretty dry, earthy. One of the most interesting wines we have had so far, and the coolest label, no contest. Loved it!
16 Los Hermanos Manzanos Chardonnay Spain
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Opened the bottle and the smell was off-putting. Now can't get past the smell.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Having a really hard time placing the faint scent on this one -- almost...brothy? Feels less oily in the mouth than I would have expected. Nothing to write home about.
17 Picco Attila Merlot Italy
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: 👻
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: [Something snobby about Merlot from "Sideways."] Nice leathery smell. Mouth feel a little thin, but it tastes like an extra tart cranberry juice or something. Not sure I would just drink it on its own, but it would be nice to wash down dinner.
18 Rex Mundi Shiraz/Grenache Blend France
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Nice deep color. Plums? Tiny tannins. Pretty smooth and nicely drinkable.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Rex Nasty
19 Riversong Sauvignon Blanc Chile
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: Not this is a good one. Not sweet, just a tad dry and very delicious.
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Pretty crisp, like a cold water fountain. Picnic wine for a sunny July.
20 Corsiero Nero di Troia Italy
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: 👻
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Slightly chemical scent, and a little bitterness in the taste, like an unripe berry. It reminds me a liquor. Definitely can't gulp it down, but it's very different and kind of interesting.
21 Vino Baccana Pinot Grigio Italy
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: 👻
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: Gatorade.
22 Rauzan Despagne, Bordeaux Bordeaux France
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: 👻
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: A little spicy, nice tannins, a bit thinner than I expected, but very tasty. Would split a bottle with DAD.
23 La Cantera Cariñena Red Blend Spain
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: 👻
  • John: 👻
  • Charley: I don't know, nothing that interesting about this one? Kind of bland?
24 Alessandro Gallici, Prosecco Prosecco Italy
  • Dad: 👻
  • Mom: 👻
  • John: 👻
  • Charley:🎄🥂🎄🥂🎄I WIN CHRISTMAS SURVIVOR🎄🥂🎄🥂🎄